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Stagger avoids Canadian Country Music hoopla

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Local musician Leeroy Stagger was playing  a gig in Vancouver for his booking agent Paquin during the Canadian Country Music Awards week activities in Vancouver over the weekend but completely avoided all of the hoopla associated with the event.Leeroy Stagger and the Wildflowers. Photo Submitted
“We just came and played and left. We didn’t get on until 1  a.m.. It’s not something I really wanted to do, but sometimes you have to play the game,” said Stagger from Banff, where he was enjoying his honeymoon.
“I don’t really see the point of it. It’s just a bunch of people kissing each other’s asses, and it’s not something I really wanted to be part of. There wasn’t anyone there I really wanted to see. Corb Lund didn’t go and the Divorcees didn’t and that says something,” Stagger continued.
“And it’s not like we’re a country band. I love a lot of country music. But as far as country music is today, it is just pop music with a pedal steel guitar,” said Stagger, whose band, the Wildflowers,  plays the Slice, Sept. 27.
 He is excited  about a track, “Snowing in Nashville” from his latest release “Everything is Real” being used in episode of the new hit TV show “Defying Gravity.”
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White Cowbell Oklahoma has wild show

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Chainsaw Charlie helped light the night on fire. photo By Richard AmeryMonday, Sept. 14 was a night of harmony and balls to the wall rock and roll, like they played in the good old days.
Toronto rednecks White Cowbell Oklahoma were back in Lethbridge to tear the roof off the Slice, and while they’ve tempered their live show somewhat, they definitely haven’t tempered their music, which continues to tap the essence of the ’70s southern rock with a touch of Kiss and a whole lot of Aerosmith. But there was nary a chainsaw or stripper to be seen on stage this time, though cowbell player Charles Chainsaw brought out a grinder and made a shower of sparks on his cowbell. And then he set it on fire.
 Lead guitarist the Cousin Who Hath no Name wailed on his cherry Gibson SG ,  and did his best Pete Townshend impression, he locked in with  vocalist/guitarist Clem Clemsen and Hollis P Cartwright and played some gorgeous three part guitar solo harmonies and lots of massive, head crushing riffs. Most of the set came from their new CD “Bombardero” though some White Cowbell Oklahoma favourites like “Put the South in Your Mouth” and “Black Mountaintop (Whiskey Woman)” which ended the set, were also crowd favourites.
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Romanchuk to join Sirens of Song in Lethbridge

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Local musician Karen Romanchuk is excited to be a last minute addition to a really special show at the Wolf’s Den, Sept. 18.
 Romanchuk joins Juno award winning luminaries Lynn Miles, Melanie Doane, and critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Catherine MacLellan on the Lethbridge date of the group’s cross Canada tour.
“I don’t know what happened, but I guess they’ve been getting local singer -songwriters to play. We got home to find a message from Morris (Soenen from the Lethbridge Folk Club) saying I have an amazing opportunity for you,” she said.
According to her website former Wailin’ Jenny member Annabelle Chvostek dropped off the tour because “it is being subsidized by a controversial Christian aid organization and I was only told about it a week ago.”
However Romanchuk is just happy to be asked to play.
“I’ve been researching all of them so I won’t be so nervous. I told my husband, don’t ask me to do the dishes, don’t ask me to do nothing. It’s really opened my eyes, especially to Melanie Doane, I always thought she was more folksy. But she’s got an instrumental on her Myspace page, it’s got smoking lead guitar and bass and drums. I don‘t know what she plays on it but it’s unbelievable,” Romanchuk enthused adding the format of the show will be a songwriter’s circle where each performer plays a song and tells the audience about it.
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Blue Man Group tickets contest over

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There is  a lot of fantastic entertainment coming up this week in Lethbridge.
 But first L.A. Beat congratulates Deb Rakos, who won the first L.A. Beat Blue Man Group giveaway. Deb won a pair of tickets and a DVD  to the Blue Man Group’s Megastar World Tour at the Enmax Centre, Oct. 11 by   reading L.A Beat, and correctly identifying that the two big projects I was involved with over the long weekend were the Three Day Novel competition and the In the Shadow of the Bridge Festival. I have another prize package to give away closer to the date of the show so keep reading.
 The Blue Man group are a legendary energetic percussion and drum ensemble who tour all over the world.
 This performance introduces a  satirical workshop about how to create the  “perfect rock concert experience.”
 In the process they celebrate, skewer and deconstruct narcissistic rock  stardom and all of its trappings. It expands on their  last concept tour “the Complex Rock Tour.” The show has been described as uniquely clever, interactive and hypnotic. Tickets for it cost from $63.50 to $90.50 for the show, which begins at 7:30 p.m.

This week, there are a lot of great shows.
The official CD release party for Dave McCann and the Firehearts new CD, “Dixiebluebird” happens at the Geomatic Attic. McCann and his band  the Firehearts are a welcome addition to Lethbridge’s alt-country music scene since McCann moved here last week. Advance tickets cost $20 until Sept. 9, then the price increases to $25. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the music beginning at 8 p.m.. Contact Mike Spencer at the Geomatic  Attic for tickets at 403.380.0283.
 In Cardston, on Sept. 12 Acoustic fingerstyle guitarist Trace Bundy is performing at the Carriage House Theatre. Bundy was named most promising new talent by Acustic Guitar  magazine in 2008. This will be his third visit to Cardston. Tickets cost $15. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.
Some of the coolest shows of the week take place mid week.
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White Cowbell Oklahoma set to tear up Lethbridge with rock and roll

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To paraphrase one of the band’s songs, White Cowbell Oklahoma have been tearing the music scene a new one for 10 years.White Cowbell Oklahoma. Photo Submitted
So who or what are White Cowbell Oklahoma? Fact: They are playing the Slice, Sept. 14. Fact: they are a Toronto based sextet known for resurrecting the spirit of old school ’70s style, riff heavy, harmonized guitar soloing, sex, drugs and rock and roll themed music of the ilk of Kiss, Lynard Skynard and Aerosmith especially on their latest, third CD, Bombardero. Fact: They are known for incendiary live  and loud shows,  which on occasion have included strippers, chainsaws, cowbells and assorted household tools and have even drawn protesters in Lethbridge. They may also be residents of another galaxy, here to divide and conquer the Earth or, on the other hand, they may just be clinically insane. Either way, talking to lead singer Clem Clemsen makes for an interesting trip into a dark, twisted mind.
“Sarge (White Cowbell Oklahoma’s former lead singer who left after contributing a couple songs and vocals to the new CD) left to start a helicopter business in the mountains of Burma. Actually that’s a lie, we had him cryogenically frozen along with the 573 former members of the band after consulting  our numerologist and soothsayer before starting our infernal third CD and they told us six was our lucky number,” explained Clemsen over the phone from Victoria, pausing to dodge a cup of coffee dumped from third floor hotel balcony by the band’s drummer. They started a massive western Canadian tour in Victoria, Sept. 4.
“You can read about it in the papers, we’re going to leave smoking craters all over the west coast. We’re going to sink Vancouver Island like Atlantis, except it will be called Pacificis, because we’re on the west coast,” Clemsen enthused, adding the band is enjoying playing as a sextet, as they usually average 10 members in the band at a time including two drummers, two keyboardists and countless guitarists.
“Sextet is just as sexy as it sounds. Plus we are 33.3 per cent more efficient as a band. And it makes lobby calls 33.3 per cent more efficient,” he continued, adding they are looking forward to returning  to Lethbridge.
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