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SAAG takes a unusual peek at portraiture in new exhibits

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Three new exhibits at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) take a different peek at portraiture.


 In the upstairs gallery, Lethbridge based artist Dagmar Dahle’s “Tangle” features mixed media gouache paintings.

Raneece Buddan’s exhibit  “Desiderium” is in the SAAG library until Feb. 4. photo by RichardAmery


“She was in a residency in Paris and started doodling as a way to ease mental burnout,” observed Jeremy Franchuk, Southern Alberta Art Gallery communications co-ordinator.

“ “Tangle’ combines 14 years of work,” he said.


She  is also creating a large scale work on one wall from Jan. 7 to Feb. 4 so you will have the opportunity to talk with her about her work,” Franchuk continued.


The group exhibition ‘ The Faceless Familiar,” featuring the works of Barry Doupé , Nick Sikkuark, U of L educated artist  Kasia Sosnowski, Alison Yip and Capilano based artist Elizabeth Zvonar, turns the idea of portraiture on it’s head.


“ They all reflect  portraits and body parts,” Franchuk said, there are surreal paintings,  sculpture, ceramics and multi-media works in the exhibit.

works .


“ Kasia  Sosnowski works in ceramics. They reflect the fragility of the human body through the fragility of ceramics,” Franchuk said.

 Vancouver multi-media artist Barry Doupé’s multi-media installation  was created on an old Amiga computer.


“Vancouver based artist Barry Doupé  created his on an old Amiga computer.”.


“Elizabeth Zvonar’s naturalistic works reflect a sense of the familiar but also look a the body as a psychological state of being,” Franchuk said.


Faceless Familiars is one of three new exhibits opening at the Galt Museum  this weekend. Photo by RichardAmery

The exhibit also features work by arctic artist Nick Sikkuark, who passed away in 2013. 


Raneece Buddan’s exhibit in the SAAG library “ Desiderium”  uses a variety of different Indio-African artistic mediums including ceramics, printed textiles and weavings are created from studying time-honoured clay, block printing and weaving practices from Nigeria, Ghana, and India. She  created self portraits while reflect on her heritage as a mixed race  Jamaican of Indo Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean ancestry .


“I researched the traditional styles of afro and Indo Caribbean techniques,” she said , adding she started creating the sculptures in her last year of university in 2019-20.


She created the most recent pieces this July to September.


“ They’re all self portraits,” she said adding her more recent works are textile arts.


“ I wanted to show the beauty of Afro-Caribbean art styles and techniques,” she continued, noting they also reflect not fitting in completely with her Indo-Caribbean roots.


 The opening reception  for the two solo exhibitions and a group exhibition is 7-9 p.m. , Saturday, Dec. 3 . They exhibits are on display until Feb. 11.

—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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