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Galt Museum shows history of Lethbridge photo-journalism in Extra! Extra exhibit

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Extra, Extra, read all about it— The Galt Museum focuses their lens on photojournalism from the Lethbridge Herald in a new exhibit,“ Extra! Extra! Eras of Photojournalism in Lethbridge which runs until Aug. 4.

Guest curator  Tess McNaughton  condensed an online exhibit Bobbie Fox  has been working on since Covid, into a set of panels and photos from Herald photographers Lloyd Knight and Orville Brunelle who were working in the ’40s and ’50s and David Rossiter and Ian Martens who represent the transitional era.

Guest curator Tess McNaughton looks at one of the photos in Extra! Extra! Eras of Photojournalism in Lethbridge. photo by Richard Amery


 The exhibit puts the lens on how photojournalism has  changed through the Analogue Era, Transitional Era, and Digital Era and how it has transitioned from analog cameras with film and darkrooms to the digital era where photojournalists are also expected to be multi-media journalists.


“We have a very large collection of photographs from the Lethbridge Herald, about 100,000 of them. We focussed on four photographers who have all won awards and showed the transition through the eras,” said Bobbie Fox, who noted she began working on the exhibit during the pandemic.

“ It really captures these photographer’s works,” Fox said.


“ These are all photographers who  have won awards  for their work,” Fox said, noting examples of some of these award photographs are included in the exhibit. She observed the exhibit covers photography from most of the twentieth century until now as Orville  Brunelle worked for the Herald from  the 1950s to ”70s before starting his own photography studio.

 “Lloyd Knight started as a paperboy and worked his way up  in the ’40s and ’50s.  David Rossiter worked at the Herald from  1985 to 2015 and Ian martens still works there,” Fox said.

 Ian and David were really helpful clarifying the history and telling the stories,” she said.


Guest curator Tess McNaughton was intrigued by the progression of photojournalism from analogue to digital, so also highlighted two digital era photojournalists  with  panels highlighting Ose Irete and Alejandra Pulido-Guzman’s work as multi-media journalists.


Fox and McNaughton were both impressed with how much work goes into the actual process of photo-journalism.


“Especially  in the analogue era, where Photoshop didn’t exist and you had to be right there at the moment to get the shot. it was all about timing,” Fox said, indicating  an Orville Brunelle photograph of a local politician getting electrocuted by an improperly grounded microphone.


“ We hope people will  look critically at how photo-journalism has transitioned,” Fox said.


“ It looks  at how people   take snapshots. This exhibit really complements the time periods. People can take as many as they want with digital camera rather than being restricted by a film roll,” McNaughton said

Extra! Extra! Eras of Photojournalism in Lethbridge is on display now at the Galt Museum until Aug. 4.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor

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