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Hatrix opens sold out run of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery the Mousetrap at the Moose Hall

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Hatrix Theatre is excited to open a sold out run of Agatha Christie‘s classic murder mystery The Mousetrap at the Moose Hall, May 1-4.


“ I’m very pleased it is sold out,” said director Karolyn Harker, who has a long history of  working with the Mousetrap.

Jeff Graham and Jocelyn Steinborn rehearse a scene from the Mousetrap, Photo by Richard Amery

““It’s run for 70 plus years in London,”” Harker continued, adding she is pleased to bring the Mousetrap to the Moose Hall.

 The Mousetrap is a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery.


An assortment of strange guests arrive in the middle of a blizzard at Monkswell manor, a rooming  house just opened  by newlyweds Molly and Giles. But there may be a murderer afoot.

 There are  twists and turns and Three Blind Mice as the constant refrain as  the couple, guests and “Sergeant Trotter” try to a unravel the murderer’s scheme.


“There’s some funny moments, but it is a mystery,” Harker described.


“ There’s a great characters. We’re fortunate to have a great cast and crew,” she said, noting they have been rehearsing since the end of January for the production.

“ My favourite part of the show is working with  all of these talented people how have some great ideas,” Harker said.


“ People are taking their time away from their families and jobs because we love to do it,” Harker continued.

“Everyone involved has been so generous,” she said.


Hatrix Theatre veteran Vittorio Oliveri is looking forward to  playing Paravicini,  a surprise guest whose car breaks down in the middle of the  storm.

“I think the character Paravicini gets a raw deal. He‘s usually played as a clown. But I’m hoping to  do a little bit more with him,” he said, adding he always enjoys working with hatrix.

“It’s great to be part of a great cast,” he said.


“And it’s nice to be part of Karolyn’s ‘last show,’” he continued.


“I’m very familiar with the Mousetrap. I”ve seen it before. It’s like a mouse maze. There are a lot of twists and turns. It is very tightly written,” Oliveri observed.

“I always enjoy being part of Hatrix because they take on very ambitious plays,” he continued adding he is leased the play sold out so soon.


 The cast includes a lot of familiar faces in the Hatrix camp including Karl Airey as Sgt, Trotter, Richard Amery and Brent Cutforth alternating as Major Metcalf, Kaela Lee as Molly and Michael Dyck as Giles, Jefferey Graham as Christopher Wren, Taber Players veteran

Brookee Bullock and Kart Airey rehearse  a scene from the Mousetrap. Photo by Richard Amery

 Jocelyn Steinborn as Mrs. Boyle and newcomer Brookee Bullock as  Miss Casewell.

 She is excited to be back on stage, having taken a 20 year break from acting to raise her children.


“I was drama club president in school. I was in 7 Brides for 7 brothers. and acted when I was at the University of Lethbridge. I’m so excited to be back on stage. It’s been 20 years,” she said.


 He is enjoying  delving into the character of mystery woman Miss Casewell.

“She’s feisty and sassy, But she’s also very conflicted. She has some deep set issues,” Bullock said.


“I’m very excited,” she said.


 Hatrix Theatre’s sold out production of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery the Mousetrap takes place at the Moose Hall, May 1-4.

 — By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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