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Elliott Brood excited to have survived playing 20 years on the road

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Los Angeles/ Hamilton alt country/ folk trio Elliott Brood are excited to return to one of their favourite Canadian cities, Lethbridge for a sold out show at the Owl Acoustic Lounge with Starpainter, but overall, they are just excited to have survived 20 years as an indie rock band in Canada.


"Any time we are within a couple hundred miles, we come to Lethbridge,” said frontman Mark Sasso from Hamilton.

“ I can say that some of the the craziest rock and roll stories, not that I can tell them, but they happened in that town. The stuff that happened, happened in that town. A lot of it did. It was a fun time. The world survival does come up  a few times when I think of Lethbridge nights,” said Casey Deforet  who plays guitar, vocals and bass pedals, adding he is working on a song about the Tongue n Groove and owner Corey Brough about those experiences.

Mark Sasso and Elliott Brood return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery


“We’re always excited to be back in to Lethbridge. It has a special place in our heart,” Sasso said.


“Any time we can go back there we will. We love it. A great crowd who always support live music. At least they do for us,” Deforet said.


We can always count on it being full and energetic so it’s great for us as a band  to come to a place like that repeatedly and have the same energy all the time . And I think we’ve played every venue in that town over the years. I’m pretty sure, even as one offs. The Slice obviously was our home for many years and the Tongue N Groove and now the Owl seems to be the place to be sort of leading the live music thing right now.” 

“And South Country Fair and the fairgrounds,” added Stephen Pitckin, who plays suitcases, percussion and adds vocals.

The trio have been playing together for 20 years.


“We’re coming out for the Wapiti Festival and we were like ‘hey we wanted to play another show while we were out there’ and they obliged us so we added an extra show on,” Laforet said.


 Elliott Brood have been playing Lethbridge since they started, as Lethbridge was the first place they played after leaving Toronto for the first time.

“It may be the town we’ve played the most out of any Canadian city. It’s still up there other than Toronto, it’s been the city we’ve played the most. The crowds have always been good, always full ,” Sasso said.


“The last time there was the first time at the Owl which is a great new venue for Lethbridge to have. It’s nice to be back there,” said Laforet, noting they played the Owl last year.


 They have busy recording a lot of new songs for two new EPS/ albums, to be released  at the end of this year and at the beginning of next year.


“ Yeah, we recorded  a whole bunch of  songs,” said Pitckin, from Elliott Brood’s Hamilton studio, where he is putting the finishing touches on the EPS.

“ We started demoing them just after the pandemic and the recording for a little  while  and we’re just finishing up . I was just in the studio today touching up the mixes and it will be two EPS,” Pitckin, continued.

“ I don’t even think they’re EPs really. They’re eight songs each. One of them has eight songs and the other has nine. They’re not EPs per se. They’re fully realized albums, ” Sasso observed.


“Technically they’re two halves of one album called Town and Country so we split it up into the town and the country sides to try something different. It’s basically one idea split into two servings,” Laforet said.

“Nothing has been released yet. I think the first song comes out in a couple weeks,” Sasso said.


“The first half starts coming out in September. Physically it doesn’t come out until later October or early  November. And the other portion comes out  next May. So it’s a wide release,” Laforet said.


“ We’ve been playing a lot of it live anyway as we always do, so hopefully anyone  who sees us play a bunch will  know all the songs by the time they are able to buy them,” Sasso said, adding he is excited to have new music coming out.


“ It always seems to be three years, but it is just always too long. And it always nice to put new stuff out, but it always seems to take three years and  I don’t know why,” he continued.


“ Maybe we can shorten that. As we get older maybe we can shorten that problem” Laforet added.


“ But it’s always nice to release new music. It’s always fun  it keeps as moving, it keeps us interested,” Sasso said.


“It’s been received pretty well live so far too, which is always nice, talking to people who are hearing it for the first time. I think they like it, ” Pitckin said, adding they are looking forward to playing the new songs for Lethbridge and putting on a hot, sweaty show.


“There’s still elements of  what we always try to do is make everyone sweaty and dance. But  I think there’s a little bit more of an element. We are playing a few more slower things these days.  Slowing it down for a little section, ” Pitckin said.

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Lots of blues and everything else all week long

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It’s a good week to play the blues. The fun starts now with a couple of excellent shows kicking off the week after the long weekend. Keith Catfish Woodrow  hosts a blues  jam at the Slice tonight at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8.


 Down the street at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, things get a little loud with Vancouver based alternative rock/ pop-punk  trio Wut who are reminiscent of  fellow Vancouverites Cub and  Ramone-esque.


  The Allied Arts Council returns to Galt Gardens , Wednesday, Aug. 9 with their Wednesday garden party from 11 a.m.,- 2 p.m.  There will be  art plus entertainment with hoop dancer Sandra Lamouche, Hibikaya and  Faye Heavyshield.

Papa King and the Boogiemen play the Slice and the Owl this week. Photo by Richard Amery

 Sister Iris hosts an open mic at the Slice, at 8 p.m., Aug 9.

Thursdays have been busy lately.


 Kick off your evening with Upside Downtown outside  casa where John Wort Hannam will be performing  from 5-7 p.m..

 Gabriel Thaine is back at Theoretically Brewing  to host an open mic at 7 p.m.

And Papa King  and Boogiemen ( Papa King guitar/vocals bassist Doug Johnson, lead guitarist  Ed Johnson) have a busy week with a show at the Slice . Thursday, Aug. 10. Admission is $10 for the show, which begins at 8 p.m..

 If you miss them then, they hit the Owl Acoustic Lounge stage, on Friday, Aug. 11.


 Johnny Rains will be playing the blues and a a lot more as he hosts the open mic at Honkers Pub, Friday, Aug. 11.


The Slice welcomes Edmonton band Waffelhouse to the stage, Aug. 11 with local folk punk band Chrome  Harvest and Darian, There is a $15 cover.

Saints and Sinners return to the Slice, Saturday, Aug. 12 with Bradley Bramfield  at 8 p.m.


 Theoretically Brewing has a busy week with Gabe Thaine’s open mic on Thursday.

 They have an eclectic  show on Friday, Aug. 11 with Calgary indie rock band Lovelet, Lethbridge alt country band Foolish Hearts , Calgary post punk band  Stucco and instrumental, post Synth pop band the Postnamers.  The music begins at 6 p.m. Admission is  $10.


 Theoretically Brewing gets loud on Saturday with Medicine Hat  punk/ noise rock band tarotfuntime, local punk/ screamo/ post hardcore band 4BPM and local emo band Alec Arms,.

 The music begins at 7 p.m. Admission is pay what you can.

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Lunch Date play eclectic set at Blowers and Grafton

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 I’d never been to new Halifax bar Blowers and Grafton on Mayor Magrath drive across from the Wal Mart, but had to check it out on Friday, July 28 because a newer cover band, Lunch Date were performing.

 The trio faturing guitarist/ vocalist Dave Lawlor, vocalsit Samantha Lawlor and lead guitarist Lee Anderson, played a little bit of everything from pop, Celtic and  rock and roll.

Lunch Date playing Blowers and Grafton, July 28. Photo by Richard Amery


I arrived as Sam Lawlor was belting out   the Zutons Amy Winehouse’s hit “ Valerie.”


She moved on to croon Pat Benetar’s “Love is A Battelfield”


 For something a little different they covered some City and Colour’s “Coming Home.”

 The impressed me when David lawlor song Matt Mays’ “ On the Hood,’” which I’ve never heard anybody cover. They will also be playing Ribfest outside the Enmax Centre, Aug. 18-20.

—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 August 2023 16:06 )

Pure Casino parking lot party features Lady Grime and Prairie Scum

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 Casino Lethbridge hosted a summer parking lot party, Saturday afternoon, July 29.


Lady Grime and Prairie Scum opened Pure Casino Summerfest around noon with a solid set of mostly original music  ranging from country to straight ahead ’90s pop.


 The multi-talented Jacqueline Kennelly sang lead and made her Telecaster sing.


Lady Grime’s Jacqueline Kennelly at the Pure Parking lot party, July 29. photo by Richard Amery

 Drummer Keilan Hakstol was locked in with Richard Charlton who set the groove on bass and played keyboards on the more pop influenced songs. 

“ Knockin Boots” was a highlight they were playing as I arrived.


 I also enjoyed “Grizzly” on which Kennelly’s voice  reminded me of Brandi Carlile.


 They played one of Kennelly’s early upbeat song about  trying to escape from reality called “Groundhog Day.”


 She expressed her love for ’90s pop like the backstreet Boys and  played a couple more pop inspired  songs with charlton playing a mini-Moog.


 The ended on a catchy, upbeat rocker called “Hot Pink,” which Kennelly  dedicated to Darian in the audience.


 The Suit Jacket Society and Yarboro were also on the bill, but I wasn’t able to stay around for their sets. 

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 August 2023 16:12 )

Yarboro return to Owl with new songs

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Local alt country band Yarboro are always a good time.

They returned to the  Owl Acoustic Lounge, Saturday, July 29 with Moon Runner, who I was really looking froward to seeing.


 I missed the Saskatchewan based progressive rock band , who were opening, but stayed around for another high energy set from Yarboro, formerly known as Biloxi Parish.


Yarboro playing the owl Acoustic lounge, July 29. Photo by Richard Amery

 There was plenty of slide guitar and as always, they are powered by frontman Zach Passey’s powerful, impassioned voice and rhythm guitar.


 They had a few newer songs to share which were  solid.


 They started a little slower with Passey playing acoustic guitar, then picked up the tempo as he switched to electric.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor

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