St. Arnaud excited to tour on sophomore album Love and the Front Lawn


Ian St. Arnaud best known as Edmonton musician St. Arnaud has been busy since things opened up after multiple Covid waves. 

 He just released a new CD, “Love and the Front Lawn” on April 29 and will be playing it and other songs at the Slice, May 13 as part of Slice fest.

 The first single “Loving” has already been lovingly released to the world. He has electrified a little on the new album.

St. Arnaud play the Siice, May 13. Photo by Levi Manchak


“The first one was more acoustic,” he said, noting the first album “The Cost of Living” was written in honour of his friend, and North of Here cowriter, band mate Luke Jansen, who was killed by an LRT in 2017

“ I could write another album about that, but that’s not what I want to do. I prefer to be a glass half full type of person,” he said.


He worked with  producer Graham Lessard to create the new album. 


“Graham Lessard is really good. He‘s a good mentor.  He knows how to direct the music. We took a year, so we weren’t rushed,” he said, adding most of it was recorded  in September.


“Love And the Front Lawn” is an easy going, uplifting indie rock pop fuelled  listen with touches of ’70s easy listening music,  R and B, a smattering of ’80s New Wave, a touch of reggae and a whiff of punk, punctuated by plenty of trumpet.

“ A lot of it is about being in my mid-20s and  reflecting on my choices,” he summarized.

“ It has a lilting, happy feel.”

St. Arnaud decided to move after the tragedy and started working as an accountant while making music.


“I wanted to start with a clean slate and go somewhere where nobody knew that story,” he said.


St. Arnaud features  guitarist Tory Rosso, bassist Jesse Shire, drummer Connor Mead and trumpeter Ryley Smith.


“We can’t wait to play this new album,” St. Arnaud said, adding they are already booking shows into October out east to Toronto and Montreal, where they plan to leave for a European tour including Germany and the Netherlands.

He is looking forward to playing live.

“ It’s going to be a really exciting  and fun show,” he said.


Slice Fest is  three straight days of live music. Three day passes are $30.

 Bailey Kate kicks things off May 13 at  9 p.m., followed by St. Arnaud at 10 p.m. and Adequate close off the night. Berserker, Hell Diablo and Suit Jacket Society play a more rock heavy night, Saturday, May 14.

 And  Sunday, May 15 is all about roots and blues with the Decadent Phase, Eric Braun and The Wicked Grins. Tickets are $10  in advance, $15 at the door for individual shows.

— By Richard amery, L.A. Beat Editor